3 Keys to making money from home

3 Keys to making money from home

If you are serious about making money from home, having and extra income and even being able to quit your job like I’ve done then this blog post is for you. Today I’m revealing the 3 Keys to making money from home.  These 3 keys are critical to your success in your journey to financial freedom… seriously.

3 Keys to making money from home:

Key #1.

Have a desire and believe: Without first having a strong desire and believing that it is possible you won’t even take the first steps to doing the things necessary for you change your life financially.  Are you online just messing around or are you really searching for a way to break free?  This is a question you must ask yourself.  If you are serious then what are your reasons?  You must have that burning desire to succeed. What’s your driving force, is it for your family, is it because you are absolutely fed up in your job?  You must be clear on your personal WHY.  You must now believe that you can do it.  Don’t worry about the how, just Believe. This might not make sense to you because you might feel like it’s so hard to believe when it hasn’t happen yet. You may also be thinking along the lines of  I’ll believe when I see it.  No, no my friend thats not how it works.. You see believing (Faith) is a principle of action.  You only take action after you believe.  A farmer plants because he believes he will reap.  A college student puts in work and time for years because he believes he will have a better career. Likewise, making money from home and online just believe and start Doing.  Learn what you need to and start taking steps to make it work.  You reading this article is a step so congratulations!  Many people will not even take time to read this because they think it’s a waste of time, in the meanwhile they bang their heads on the wall, wasting time on Facebook and Youtube watching others live their dreams.

3 Keys to making money from home:

Key #2:

Proximity is Power, said one of my mentors.  Surround yourself with a mastermind group that will believe in you and your dreams.  Especially because in the online world, you really don’t know who to trust. I know because it took me 6 months of grinding it out online, getting scammed and cheated before I finally met some people that were trustworthy.  I now have my own mastermind where we help one another with the belief factor and share information and knowledge.

This is important because in order for you to have success you must have these connections.  Your journey will be so much simpler. As you have more success this will draw another crowd of higher caliber people into your mastermind.  Honest truth is there are elite clubs out there in the world where they all share information to help one another. This is why the rich gets richer.   Now to get into these clubs and masterminds the first step you take is work on yourself.  You will eventually attract this crowd or have enough money to buy yourself into it.  Yes it does cost lots of money thats why not everyone is in.

Finally, you may be lucky enough to find someone like me who belongs to these elite masterminds but is willing to help the starting newbies out.  This is all I will say about this at this time.

3 Keys to making money online:

Key #3

Third Key is make decisions!  Making a decision means you take action on what you have decided.  For far too long if you’ve ever procrastinated or have been guilty of inaction then chances are you have weak decision making muscles.  This will keep you moving at a turtles pace.  In order for you to strengthen your decision making muscles you must start using it.  Start by making small decisions and over time you will be able to make bigger decisions, faster.  Successful people are quick to making decisions and slow to change their minds.  Unsuccessful people are slow to make decisions and very quickly change their minds, moving onto other things when faced with difficulties. I may expand on this in the future but for now this blog post has gone on longer than I intended so I’ll end it here.

In conclusion, Make a decision today that you will change your financial status.  Dig deep and find your personal why, let it burn inside you. Believe that you can do it, I’m here to help.  Now go and take massive Action!


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