Banners Broker Business

Banners Broker Business

In order to understand the Banners Broker Business we have to understand the Google business.

We all know Google and how this powerful search engine has made information and learning so easy for everyone.  It is also the reason why thousands of people are becoming millionaires each year.  Information is easily found and word can easily get around.  The opportunity to make money has never been easier with the internet and with Google’s help.

Google helps you make money by allowing relative information to be found by you.  You can also advertise through Google or rent space on your website as a Publisher and receive compensation from Google.

Here’s how Google makes money:

An Advertiser pays Google to advertise for them.  Google then pays a discount to a publisher to place the ad for the advertiser and make a profit from the difference of what they receive from the advertiser and the amount they pay to the Publisher.


Advertiser= Person that wants to advertise, pays google to advertise.  Google knows where to put the advertisers ad so that it can target the best traffic in relation to the ad.


Publisher= Person renting space on their website to Google’s advertisers.  Google pays the Publisher to place the advertisers ad on the Publisher’s site.


Look at the example below:


Fred pays Google $1000 to advertise for him.  Google searches its database and realizes Jane’s website is the best spot to place the advertising.  Google pays Jane $700 to place Fred’s Ad on Jane’s website.  Google makes a profit of $300.


banners broker business

Now let’s look at the Banners Broker Business and how it works.  Banners Broker uses the same advertising system that google does.  The difference is that you can actually make money by being able to own some rental space on the publisher’s site and therefore receive compensation as advertisers come.

banners broker business


The Adpub combo on the Banners Broker Business is what allows this system to pay it’s affiliates.  As you pay for a panel, you are actually buying advertsing impressions and renting a space on the publisher’s website at the same time.  Banner’s Broker will place ads on your panel and therefore pay you up to 2 times the amount you’ve paid for the panel.

How Banners Broker makes money is that once you’ve been paid the maximum of double the price of your panel.  Banners Broker is no longer obligated to pay you.  The panel or rented space on the publishers site that you’ve paid for will still continue to earn revenue.  The rest of this revenue goes to Banners Broker.

Here is a video by Banners Broker that explains this process.  It is 18 minutes but you only have to watch the first 11 minutes.

Below is a description of how much these panels costs and how much you can make from them:

banners broker business


The revenue you will make from each of the above panels will be double the cost of the panel.

For example the Yellow panel will cost you $10 and you will be paid $20.  The Purple panel will cost you $30 and you will be paid $60 and so forth.

The time frame for these panels to reach its traffic cap and for you to be paid varies depending on the panels that you purchase.

It could be a couple weeks for the lower cost panels and several months for the higher cost panels.

To get your Banners Broker Business started off correctly, you’d want to buy a package.  A package is a bundle of panels purchased together.  Below are the packages and prices.


banners broker business


My recommendation would be to start off at the professional package or higher if funds are available for you to do so.  The higher you start the better.  You really do not have anything to lose.

The Banners Broker Business is guaranteed to give you back 2 times what you put in so why not take advantage of that.

Banners Broker started in November of 2010 and has since paid out over $200 million dollars.  Over 100,000 people have joined.  I can assure you this is no small start up company.

One other key thing to this business is that it is simple enough that 100% of the people that have joined are making money.  I honestly do not know of any other company that has this type of track record.

Although this really is a easy business, there are some intricacies inside of the website that makes it complicated to understand.

I have some video trainings as well as strategies to help you manage your Banners Broker Business once you’ve signup.

Contact me through skype or email if you have additional questions.  The company also have several video tutorials and presentations that will help you understand the business better.

I invite you to sign up as a free member and browse through the website so you can be more familiar with the business before you deposit any money.  Click here now to get started.


Your partner in prosperity,



Daneng Xiong

daneng.xiong  skpe


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