Believe and they will come

Believe and they will come….

That’s what almost all self-help, law of attraction, personal development, the so called secret talks about.  I’ve come to my own realization that……… it is true!

This is a subject that I’ve been meaning to write about for sometime now.  Right now it is 3:24 am in the morning I was a little tired, just got done writing my first E-book.  I then checked my email and received a really profound and affirming message from one of my mentors.

He talked about mindset and believing in what you do, how important that is to your success in online marketing or in anything I should say.

I am absolutely convinced that you will only be as successful as what you believe can be accomplished.  If you look at anyone who has had major success, you will see that person really believes in what they do.  The crazy thing is it can even be for bad things.  Even bad people who truly believe in their cause are able to have major success in their scheme of things because they believe.

I have actually put this idea of believe and they will come to the test several times during my network marketing days.  I actually first picked up on this through my readings, specifically Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich book.

Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and Believe, he can achieve.

This is actually the unspoken secret to success that Napoleon Hill refers to in his book.

Believe, belief

Believe and they will come: 1st Time

After I found out about this secret, I put it to the test.  Not once but 3 times and the results were amazing.  The first time was for a getaway company sponsored trip.  The contest was that you had to be ranked in the top 10 for recruiting, or production.  At that time my team was not very big so my production was very small but I made myself believe that I can win it in the recruiting category.

How I did this was, I conditioned my mind to believe that I could do this and I was going to do it.  Once my mind was made, I felt a spark in me that felt unstoppable.  Somehow rejections did not hurt as bad anymore or even at all.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think rejection was even a possibility.  I was determined to get people signed up in my business no matter what.

Here’s the outcome:  Everyone that I talked to about my business joined with the exception of a few that really, really, really could not afford it.  At that time it costs people $125 just to join my company.  I can’t remember where I came in the contest but I was in the top 10 for recruiting.  My wife and I were flown to Orlando Florida were we had a great time at Walt Disney World and also had an amazing time dining with the Owner and key leaders of the company.

Believe and they will come: 2nd Time

Though I was amazed, my limiting beliefs led me to think it may be a one-off thing.  The next time was for another company sponsored trip going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  I really was not fighting for this trip at all until the very last week I starting thinking about this Belief thing and decided to put it to the test again.

Surely if this is true then even if I had one week left to make it happen, it would still work.  Once again, I cleared out all distractions, concentrated and made a conscious decision that I was going to win this trip.

Once again, the same attitude along with discipline and mental toughness came to my aid as the first.  I was nowhere on the leaders board but sure enough on the day when the final contest standings were revealed, I came out as #2 in recruiting.  This actually got a lot of People astonished and even made some upset.  Especially the person that I kicked out because he had been on the leaders board since the beginning of the contest.  As I recall, I recruited over 20 people in just that one week.

At this point you may be thinking why am I still not with this MLM company if I was having so much success in recruiting and my answer can be found on another blog post that I did HERE.

Believe and they will come: 3rd Time

The third time I put this believe principle to the test was when I had stopped doing business and decided I was gonna go back to school to pursue my degree.  On my first semester back to school I just thought, I’m going to believe in myself and get straight A’s this semester.  Now you have to understand that I’ve never had straight A’s ever in my life.  I barely made it into college and when I did I got kicked out because of my bad grades.

This time it was a little different because I would have to stay focused for 4 whole months.  It is physically and mentally exhausting each time I do this.  Anyhow, I made my decision and put this believe principle into action once again.  A whole series of things happened to me during that semester.  I did more things out of my comfort zone.  I studied longer. I got help when needed.  I looked for ways to improve my studying and even bought a book on how to get straight A’s.  I tell you this because had I not believed in myself getting straight As I would not have put in the extra study hours nor would I waste money on a book to improve my studying.

I have to be honest with you, at the end of the semester I ended up with all As and one B+.  I had missed it by 2 points with score of 88 in my Economics class.  Now am I going to say this doesn’t work, Heck No!

By making a decision that I was going to get straight As, my unconscious mind allowed me to explore every other possibility of obtaining that which I believe I could accomplish.  This was my best semester with the best grades I’ve ever gotten in my whole entire life.  I’ve always been a C student you see.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Belief or in religious terms Faith is the starting point of all accomplishments.  Unless you believe first, you will not even begin.  A good example is the Farmer.  He plants and sows because he believes he will reap.  Had he not believe he will reap, he won’t even plant.  Simple logic will tell him why waste your time, you’re not going to get anything out of it anyways.

However because he believed, he took action, and that’s where the magic happens.  This magic was exactly what I experienced.

[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”]”Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” -Henry Ford[/content_box_light_blue]

This is a very inspirational video about some one who believed, and that made all the difference.


Your Partner in Prosperity,

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  • Philip

    Reply Reply 23 January, 2013

    Hello sir , this is truly inspirational, what you have written, I have been working for quite some time to rid myself of negative thinking , changing my mindset , and believing in the possibilities. It works , but it takes consistency, I’ve found; at least it doesn’t cost any money to do this ! I’m a member, working on developing , expanding on a new video sharing site , Uvioo videos ,I like the concept so it’s going quite well so far. I also find some self- help and inspirational writers to be very helpful for me. I’m very glad I stumbled on your e-book and site, thanks, Philip

  • Philip

    Reply Reply 23 January, 2013

    Thank you for this inspiring article.I appreciate it very much. I’ve been changing my mindset, for many years now. I find it needs to be a daily exercise for it to work effectively. thank you, sir !

    • ammondx

      Reply Reply 1 February, 2013

      Hi Philip, thank you for your contacting me. I fixed the problem. Everything tangible in life started intangible. This is why mindset is so important. Yes, you do have to work on it on a daily basis. That’s how habits are formed and success is a habit. Keep doing it, I’m here to help.

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