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Doomsday Still coming?

Doomsday Still Coming?

Its now the middle of the year 2013.  December 12, 2012 is a thing of the past and we are still here.  So is Doomsday still coming?

We don’t know what will happen in the future all we can do is prepare best we can now.  One thing for certain we do know is that the United States is in serious debt.  Currently right now about 16 Trillion in debt.

The doomsday I see coming isn’t necessarily a flood or a meteor destroying the earth but one of great economic devastation through out the whole world.

Why would it affect the world you might ask, if lets say the Dollar collapsed.  Here are some facts to think about.  We use to have our currency, the Dollar tied to Gold.

In 1944, some 44 nations came together in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire and the US somehow convince every one of those nation to tie their currency to the US dollar with the dollar being the only currency backed by Gold.

In 1971 due to the high cost of war, President Nixon took the dollar off the Gold standard and it has been to this day a currency backed by nothing but the good faith and credit of the US.  (This does not mean much)

The government has full power to print as much currency as it wants because there is nothing tied to it.  As you already experienced, this results in inflation year after year.


With the nation in so much debt there really isn’t much that can be done.  The nation will either default on all their obligations or print more money diluting the money supply.  This will lead to serious inflation, maybe even hyper inflation.  The US dollar is at the verge of collapse and if it does, all the worlds currency will go down with it.

Robert Kiyosaki explains in this video why you will lose if you SAVE money

I’ve been told to have food storage from my Church leaders, and it sounds kinda weird at first because you don’t think you can ever run out of food but here’s a little scenario to think about.

Chile experienced hyper inflation in 1970-1973. What happened during that time was that inflation was so severe that prices went up everyday.  Now everyone knew the prices were gonna be higher the next day so the people would actually camp outside Grocery stores waiting for the delivery trucks to come.  As soon as the stores were open, they would take all they money they had and buy as much food as possible right there an then because they knew tomorrow the the same amount of money they had would buy less.

If you came late, you’d find all the store shelves empty. This happened everyday.  I hope this shed some light on the importance of food storage.

Even though this is a scary thought, there is also great opportunity that arises from the dust.  This opportunity is in precious metals. Gold and Silver had always been the real money in history and will always be the winner when it comes to real MONEY.

We can print as much currency as we want but in the end, all of it will return to it’s real worth which is nothing.  Gold and Silver will then revalue themselves as the real form of currency.  Now if you understand that getting into Gold and Silver right now is the perfect opportunity then the next question would be how can you afford to buy Gold and Silver.

The answer is one ounce at a time and 1 gram at a time.  Instead of saving your money in savings accounts that will lose money every year due to inflation, you should save it in Gold.  I’m no Gold and Silver expert but it just makes sense to me that this is the way to go.

Please do your own research and see if you come to the same conclusion I have.  Your comments are most welcome, please like and share this post if it makes sense to you.

Soon I will release to you an opportunity in which you can save in Gold, 1 gram at a time (roughly around $65) and earn income at the same time.  In a nutshell, you’ll get paid to save and get paid to help others save.

We have a 12 week plan to earning a residual income of a minimum 15k per month to as high as 136k per month.  Nothing to purchase, just save, help 2 others save and get paid.  Best of all you can build for yourself True Wealth, not paper Money but  GOLD MONEY.

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To your limitless potential,


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