Hmong in MLM businesses

Hmong in MLM businesses

If you found yourself here at my blog posts it means you are interested in Hmong people involved in MLM or network marketing businesses.  Weather you are for or against, you are curious enough to search so I will do my best to give valuable information for you.

Year after year, I’ve been introduced to these recruiting businesses.  Personally I’ve only known one Hmong person who made a million dollars in this type of business.  I have known however multiple people that have made a 6 figure annual income with these businesses.  The only problem has been that is, it’s not consistent.  The income may last a couple years and then the team dies out or the company changes or something happens and these people that are making money move on to other MLM businesses.

Some actually get fed up and go back to having a job.  I was one of them.
I’ve been a part of some major MLM businesses.  What can I say, I love the idea of being in business for myself.  I did have some barriers to overcome though being entrepreneur minded.  I don’t have a lot of money to start with nor the connections or expertise to start a company from scratch.  To the average Hmong guy like me, the network marketing MLM model works great.

Hmong in MLM businesses: Why Join?

  • Low startup costs
  • Product already created
  • There is a marketing system in place already
  • Huge family support system
  • special niche market

You see when you join a MLM business, the whole idea is that your sponsor will benefit from your production so it is in her best interest to teach everything she knows so you can be super successful because the more successful you are she will be.
The only problem I see with this is that sometimes your sponsor is just as new as you are and your sponsors sponsor has only been in for a week.  This usually happens when a MLM business explodes and chaos breaks loose.  The funny thing is it’s usually during this chaotic time that people also make the most money.

This comes to show why enthusiasm is so important in MLM businesses.  If you can get a bunch of people excited about a program in a short amount of time it will explode and people will join when they know very little about how the company operates.
The selling point isn’t the products or even yourself but the dream of being independent and financially free.

Most Hmong people have never had the opportunity to be in business for themselves and never had much exposure to opportunities.
They are dreamers and fighters though.

All Hmong people are immigrants to the US starting in the late 70s to early 80s.  They’ve been through the vietnam war and have seen much tragedies.  They came here with hopes and dreams of living a better life.  Up until the late 80s it was always the goal of every Hmong parent to have their children get an education, get a degree and earn a good living working for someone else.

It wasn’t until MLM businesses and network marketing was introduced to this group of people that the Hmong entrepreneur minded people realized there are other ways of having the freedom they sought.

Some of the earlier opportunities include, Primerica, Amway, and Excel communications.
Other opportunities that a larger Hmong population have joined include, WMA securities, HBW, WLG, and FFS.

The interesting thing is all these opportunities are big ticket item opportunities and involve specialized knowledge of financial services.  The Hmong are simple people coming from a background of farmers and manual labor workers, yet they flock to the hardest of all MLM businesses.

This comes to show the courage and ambition of Hmong in MLM businesses.

One big factor in the success of the Hmong in MLM businesses is the fact that they’ve always had a strong family bond from immediate family to extended.
There maybe those that think whoever is involved in MLM business is trying to take advantage of you but of course we have people thinking like that all over the place.
It is those Hmong that have a strong desire to succeed.  Those that have a big WHY.  Those that are not easily discouraged.  Those that are willing to learn and try new things that will have the best chance of success in MLM businesses.

Hmong in MLM Business : Conclusion

I mentioned earlier that I was one of those that got fed up and went back to having a JOB. Well, having a JOB was temporarily.  I never intended on staying there long.  My intentions kept me at the JOB for 4 years though.  Those were the longest years of my life.  I hate having a JOB.

You can read more about me quitting my job HERE.
I believe that there will be yet many more Hmong in MLM businesses and many more successful stories in the future.
If you like doing Network marketing and MLM businesses you should check out what I’m doing now by clicking HERE.

If you don’t like these types of business, then it’s okay.  I know that it’s not for everyone.  You may still want to see how I was able to generate enough money online not having to recruit or bother any family members by going HERE.

Thanks for reading and I sincerely wish you a prosperous future in whatever road you take.

Always remember, we have within us the power to create any life that we choose.  All we have to do is believe.  Faith is the starting point of all creation.  Without faith, the belief that you can do it.  You will never ever even begin.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, please comment below.

-Daneng Xiong

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