Secrets on How to Sell better

Secrets on How to Sell better

Today I will be discussing the secrets on how to sell better.  First and foremost you must believe in what you selling.  Your message and delivery of the product or service will be diluted in your ill attempt to sell if you yourself do not believe in what you are selling.  Every human being is born with this innate ability to sense wrong doing and you can call it the conscience or the spirit.  It is vitally important that you listen when this conscience is talking to you because most of the time you are right.  By not being honest in selling, you are fighting against this divine gift and therefore become ineffective in your presentation.

Secrets on how to sell better: 3 principles to remember

These principles are explained in dept by Dr. Robert Cialdini in his book, Influence: Science and Practice (5th Edition)how to sell better

Principle #1 Reciprocity:

As human beings, we generally want to return favors and treat others the way we’d want to be treated. This comes back to having that conscience thing.   In using reciprocity, we are triggering this human desire of returning the favor. For example, charities will send you a prepaid envelope with a discount coupon to dine out and in the letter it then asks you to donate for the charitable cause.  If you are marketing online it is important to give value first before you ask for anything in return.  The highest converting capture pages are those that give away something for free.  In understanding this principle you will learn how to sell better.

Principle #2 Commitment and Consistency:

People want to be Committed and consistent.  I learned this one from a kirby vacuum salesman.  My wife and I had talked about buying a Kirby Vacum so one day when this sales man came to our door I let him in.  He asked for my wife and told him she’s not home.  He then asked me if I was the decision maker when it comes to finances in our home and I assured him I was, so he began his demonstration of how the wonderful the vacuum worked.  Later on when he asked for my business and told me the hefty price tag I was hesitant and wanted to check with my wife first.  He then referred me back to saying that I was the decision maker when it comes to finances in our home.  My feeling of commitment and consistency was so strong that I agreed and bought.  Now if your spouse comes home with something crazy, you’ll know why these things happen.  In Utilizing this principle you will learn how to sell better.

Principle #3 Social Proof:

This principle comes from the fact that people tend to follow crowds.  They feel there is safety in numbers.  This is also the reason how somethings can go viral.  If a lot of people are buying it, then it must be good.  Ever seen how McDonalds have a big sign showing over 1 billion served.  If you’ve never had McDonalds food and saw that sign you’d probably be curious enough to go try just because of the social proof.  Social proof also comes in the form of testimonials.  Testimonials are very powerful and the more you have the more leverage you will have on how to sell better.

Secrets on how to sell better: 3 more principles to master

Principle #4 Liking:

This one is simple, people tend to buy from those that they like.  You need to be likable in learning how to sell better.  This is why major corporations would hire people within a community to sell to the community.  I have a brother that is well known and well liked among many people  in my community.  While I was struggling learning to how to sell better, he taught me that all you really need to do is be likable.  He’s been able to do very well for himself all just from referrals.  As far I know he has never had to market his services.  His likability is his marketing tool.

Principle #5 Authority:

We feel a sense of obligation to listen to someone with authority.  In learning how to sell better, you will gain more trust and credibility on your product if the customers see you as an authority figure.  What I mean by that is if they feel you are the expert in that field, they will pay more attention to your product.  If you are not an expert then its good to have an expert endorse your product or service.

Principle #6  Scarcity:

This is the rule of the few.  People tend to gravitate towards time sensitive scarce things.  For instance if I’m selling a book and I need them to make a decision right way, I may put a time limit on my discount and let them know the amount of books I’m willing to sell at that discount.

Secrets on how to sell better: Conclusion

These really are secrets on how to sell better and if applied correctly I know if will boost up your sales.  I want to leave you with a word of caution though.  I have provided you today with proven principles of human nature and I hope that you will use it for good.  The reason why I say this is because a person can easily use these strategies to manipulate others.  In doing this wrongful act you may experience a growth in sales because these are true principles that work, but in the end it will eventually come back to haunt you.  Credibility takes a long to build but very fast to lose.  You should always under promise and over deliver.

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