MLM recruiting tips: Secrets revealed!

MLM recruiting tips: Secrets revealed!

Today I’ll be sharing MLM recruiting tips and some of the best kept secrets of top recruiters in the MLM, network marketing industry.  When you join a network marketing company your upline will most likely tell you to make a list of all your friends and family and then you are to invite them to a meeting or set an appointment for you and your upline to meet them.  This works fairly well untill you run out of friends and family.  Now what?

MLM recruiting tips: Secrets revealed!

Whatever business you are in number 1 you must identify what problem your product solves.  It could be lose weight, save money, make money, better health or even all of the above.  You then contact your prospects and present how your opportunity or product will help them solve this problem. Lastly you have to followup to get a decision.

Repeat these 3 simple steps over and over and in time you will build for yourself a rather large distribution team.  Its been proven over time that this method works.  You just have to be consistent and determined.  Now I don’t want to bore you with just these steps because I’m sure you’ve heard of this same thing hundreds of time.  What lies behind this 3 step method are the MLM recruiting tips, secrets that most don’t really share.

Recruiting the super star:

Your approach to each prospect cannot be the same.  For instance if you are trying to recruit someone who’s had a lot more success than you and that person knows it.  You don’t want to go flashing your opportunity for him to look at.  This is the natural tendency of most beginners.  The way you would go about it would be to say, ” Hey I got involved in something, to me it looks pretty good but you know more about this stuff, would take a look at it and give me some feedback.”

This way you give credit to that person and at the same time, your invitation is so non threatening that more than likely the prospect will say, ” Sure what is it? ”

MLM recruiting tips: Secrets Revealed!

Finally the big secret to recruiting is, you need to work on yourself and be a person that others will want to follow.  There is no easy way around this.  People will only follow you if they feel they can benefit from you.  That’s just the plain honest truth.  Over the years of being in multiple businesses and having thousands of people on my teams, I’ve often run into the question of, “Why isn’t anyone joining me?”

“Why can’t I recruit anyone, maybe this business isn’t as good as I thought…etc, etc.”  If you’ve asked yourself these questions before, I want you to stop! Better off ask yourself, ” Why SHOULD they join you?”  What do you have to offer that is of value to them, what can you do to help them succeed.

The way you can improve yourself in this area is to read good books, listen to audios, go to seminars and learn, learn, learn.  As your knowledge increases so will your confidence.  You will become more attractive to others and people will start taking you more seriously.

For my recommendations on books and people you can learn from click here.

These are my MLM recruiting tips for you and hope that you found some value in it.

May your dreams become a reality.  Work hard and smart and never give up.

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