Online Marketing

Hey if you ever wanted to learn about online marketing but was unsure how to start.

I have some information in which I hope will be of some value to you. I’m gonna share with you today on this blog post what has taken me months to learn. Not to mentioned after hundreds of dollars spent.

When i first started my online marketing journey earlier this year. I was looking all over google for online marketing for beginners. Needless to say the information I found was not very helpful.

There are just too many online marketing Gurus out there just trying to sell you stuff.

Many people you see online have years of experience marketing online and you will pay for their expertise.

You might not think you are paying for it because their first offers for you are free this and free that, but eventually you will get drawn in and you will end up buying something. That’s just how the marketing works.

One thing I’ve found trying to learn from these Gurus is that they don’t make it easy for the average Joe. Even some of them say they teach online marketing for beginners, they really don’t.

They will skip through steps, use language that you will not understand and rush through their trainings.

You see this information is so second nature to them and they don’t even realize how fast they are going but more so because they just want to hurry up and get to selling you stuff.

All the little freebies are just to prep you up to buy the real materials on the back end.

In this article I’ll write as if I’m writing to myself when I first started and try to make things a lot easier for you to understand and in simpler terms.

Before I get into it. I want you to know that everything I discuss I will leave links to it on the end of this page.

First steps to learn in Online marketing for beginners:

Online Marketing Flowchart

Place Ads - FB, PPC, SEO, List, Articles, Videos etc.

Using this flowchart, you can see that your marketing starts at your blog. That is your grand central station, where everything flows in and out.

3 Absolutely necessary tools you will need to market Online:

  • Hosting account
  • Domain Name (Godaddy)
  • Auto Responder (Aweber)

***All the links to my recommendations are on the bottom of the page

Website / Blog:

Must be a place of value for people. As they come to your site you must have good content for your readers. There are over 2 billion internet users and more than 300 hundred million websites.

People will not stay long on your site if they know you are BS…ing. Google will also know you are BS…ing and your rankings won’t get anywhere.

Second Step in Online Marketing for beginners:

Capture page/ Squeeze page:

Used for capturing your leads name and email. Usually on this capture page you should have something of value to give the prospect in exchange for their email.

My rule of thumb is that if it is not worth selling then it is not worth giving away for free either.

Sales Page:

Once they’ve opted in, you have them directed to your Sales page where your sales video will do the selling of whatever product it is that you are marketing.

From this point, they either make a decision to buy or not, either way, your auto-responder takes over from here.

Auto Responder:

Your auto responder goes to work and followup emails are sent to the new lead.

These auto responders are so important because statistically speaking your chances of a sale to a prospect increases by almost 70% after the 6th email from you.

Third Step in Online Marketing for beginners:

Web Traffic:

Once you have a good understanding of this online marketing flowchart and have everything from your autoresponder to capture and sales pages set up then you are ready for traffic.

Your business is now in automation all you have to do is drive traffic to you site and get your capture page in front of as many people as possible.
There are many different ways for you to get traffic such as creating good content, SEO optimization, Facebook advertising, PPC advertising just to name a few.

Let me know if you need any help setting up your blog. You know now that your blog is where everything starts.

Again the 3 Absolute must in Online Marketing are:

  • Hosting account
  • Domain Name (Godaddy)
  • Auto Responder (Aweber)

These are all the programs that I use myself as well as other online marketing professionals. Although there are many programs nowadays these are actually the best companies in its niche.

By the way setting up your blog and website will cost you less than $29. Be sure to use the services below, they have the best pricing and best customer support.

To your Online Marketing Success,