Secret of Success

What is the Secret of Success?

Oh NO….! Not another cheesy secret of success blog post.  Shhhh…..I know the secret, and it’s not cheesy.

Read on you’ll see.  It only takes 2 Steps.

What I have found is that all too often people love to learn new things but never apply it.  The action part of it seems to always be the stumbling block.  The majority of society falls into this category.  This is why they will always be the ones feeding the action takers with more success.

You see the ones that take action make the money off of the ones that don’t.  The successful people understand that people love to learn new things but will never take action on them so they create new exciting products for people everyday.  These people buy from the action takers making them more and more rich.  If everyone took action on these GURU products, everyone will be successful and there be no more customers for these overnight success, get rich programs.

If you don’t believe me, ask yourself how many products you’ve bought in your lifetime but never put it to use or followed through on it.  I’m guilty of this too.  But I have learned you see.  That’s why I’m doing something.  That’s why this website is here.

2 Steps to the secret of success

1. Have clarity in what you want to accomplish, what you want in life, what your goals are.

2. Go after this goal with massive action, even if you don’t know exactly how to get there.

Have you ever heard of READY, AIM, FIRE?    ………  Change that to READY, FIRE, AIM !

I have heard stories after stories of people that have come from very humble beginnings to becoming very successful.

They all take similar actions and that is Stumble Forward, Fire then Aim.

secret of success

In Step number one, Goal setting this is what you should do:

Take a piece of paper and write out in present tense exact amount of money you want to make.  Set a time in the not so distance future to obtain this goal.  Write it out as if you’ve already accomplished this goal.  Be sure to include details of how you are feeling, where you are, what rewards are you go to give yourself etc.


Here is an example:

“Today is the morning of February 1st, 2013.  I’ve just dropped of the kids of at school. I’m sitting on the couch and logged into my online banking and found that I’ve made in the month of January  $50,025 dollars.  I’ve done it.  I’ve set a goal and reached it.  I am so relieved because of all the financial hardships my family has gone through but now I can plan a special vocation for the family this summer and buy my wife a special  gift. I’ve learned many new skills in the past months that have been life changing for me.  The sky is the limit. “

The important part about this goal writing in the present tense is that you should close your eyes and really visualize yourself obtaining this goal.  Imagine and Feel using all your senses.

Once you have this written out, make you sure you put it somewhere you can see and read at least once every day.

You may have heard this before and I’ll explain why you should do this.  We humans are  procrastinators and are easily distracted.  By having this goal in the present tense and reading it every day you will be much more excited about your day to day activities as they move you closer to your goals. The reality of your goals accomplishment will start to feel real.  You will less likely be distracted because you are reminded of your goals every day.

This goal will also act as an anchor for you as you go through the tough times.  There is power in clarity.

You’d be surprise how many people want success but never take 5 minutes to do this simple goal setting task. Which is why you need to do this immediately after reading this blog post.  I promise you will feel the inner workings of your soul enlightened and invigorated, ready to take on the world.

Step number 2:  Take massive action to obtain the goal.

Just do exactly that.  You do all that you can and a little bit more, give all that you’ve got and little bit more.

I’m am not at all close to the success that I want but, I’ve made significant strides using this formula.  I’ve proven it time after time that it works….  You will absolutely be amazed at your results if you apply just these two easy steps.  One last ingredient you have to add when writing your goals.


You’ve got to believe and have faith that you will accomplish your goals.  Without this one ingredient, your goals are just another wish.

I hope you like my 2 step secret of success formula.  If you’ve found value in this post, please leave a comment and share it with you friends.  You should also signup Here to receive my Blog updates.


Watch this 1 and half minute video featuring Frank Kern.  He says it best.  This is the REAL Secret, revealed.


Yours Truly,


secret of success



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