Sell Final Expense Insurance

Sell Final Expense Insurance

I wanted to write about why you should sell final expense Insurance as a second income because I have the most experience with this second income type.  I’ve had an active life insurance license for close to 15 years.

We all agree that that the baby boomers have been the cause of some revolutionary products and services.  You may find that during this time when the baby boomers are at their retirement years, getting your life insurance license may prove to be a pretty good move.

Why Sell final expense insurance?  Typically the insurance companies will pay you 90% to 100% commissions.  How does that translate to dollars for you, well I’ll illustrate below.

You make a sale of a whole life policy covering the client for 30k.  The client pays $100 per month premium.

The company will pay you in advance of the $100 premium up to 9 months for you giving you a total of $900 in your pocket as soon as the policy is approved.  Usually this takes just 2 weeks or so.

Imagine that sell Final Expense Insurance just 1 policy a month and you make $900 extra income a month.  Very realistic guys.

Ofcourse you may be thinking who am I going to sell to, I hate selling.  Its actually easier than you think.  There are tons of Final Expense Insurance lead companies out there where you can buy final expense Insurance leads.

I reccommend getting the direct mail leads for final expense insurance.  These are leads that the client actually filled out with their information requesting a visitation from an agent.

What you do to is simply take the lead with you, knock on their door and say, “Hi my name is so and so, I represent XYZ insurance company, I have here the post card you mailed in to us for a visitation and I’m just here to give you some information.  There you go.

Reasons to sell Final Expense Insurance.

1. Underwriting is easy, almost no medical checkup

2. Usually unless the client in on their death bed, they will qualify.

3. you can have a corporate decision made on the spot whether or not the client qualifies.

4. You get paid faster, usually in 2 weeks time.

5. Most of the time these elderly folks are bombarded with all kinds of stuff and they need your     help.

Getting your life insurance license is not too bad either.  It will probably cost you anywhere between 80 bucks to get your prelicensing class done then maybe another 150 to take your state insurance exam and be a certified life insurance agent.

You’ll make all that money back in you first sale.

To get started here is a link to the prelicense training that you will need:

Just follow the instructions from that point on. is also a good training site but from my experience, is the most affordable.

Once you have your Life Insurance License, you can contract with any insurance carrier you wish or you may contact me and I will give you some of my personal recommendations.

Your Life Insurance license will allow you to sell all kinds of life insurance I just recommend that you sell final expense Insurance as a way of making extra income because there is a huge market for it and it’s also the easiest to sell.  Of course not all insurance companies are created equal so you do have to be careful who you signup with.

If you found this extra income information helpful or if you have questions please comment below.


your partner in prosperity,


sell final expense insurance


P.S. Best of luck to you as you embark in this new extra income and as you sell final expense insurance.

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