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Hello my friends and welcome to my blog. I’ve finally reached a point where I can quit my job and work from home. Since I don’t have a 9-5 anymore I’m taking the time to build this website to give back the valuable information that has allowed me to be free.

I am not a millionaire (not yet anyways) so I can’t tell you, you will make a million dollars by following me. What I can promise is that you will learn the necessary skills to make an honest living online and have the freedom to control your time like I have done.

On my website there won’t be any hype. Here you will find realistic extra income ideas as well as some of the best marketing strategies that I’ve found. Most business opportunities that are legitimate will require you to actually work, like sponsoring and selling real products and services. There are a few ones that you can make legitimate

money in that doesn’t not require any sponsoring. Whatever the case don’t let any obstacle stop you from reaching your dreams. It is usually when we work outside of our comfort zone that we find success. If you keep doing the same things you’ve been doing, chances are you’ll keep getting the same results you’ve been getting. It’s time to try something new. Don’t doubt, just believe and take action.

I’ve always had this entrepreneur side of me that is always looking to get out of every job that I’m in and be my own boss. For the most part, I really just wanted to be free so I can spend more time with my wife and two beautiful children. I’ve tried many different businesses before such as Multi-level, network marketing. I’ve also done multiple sales jobs. I’ve sold fabrics, vitamins, coffee, water, knives, insurance and almost everything you can think of except my soul, lol. I’ve had some success but its really nothing to write home about, lol. Recently I’ve looked into making money online and online business opportunities. Online is a dangerous place to make money if you don’t know what you are doing. The internet is flooded with scams and lies. For the first six months of me being online, I felt like all I did was spend money and didn’t see any return at all. People just kept flooding my inbox with the next best thing and yup you guessed it, I fell for it……. but.. I learned. Fortunately I met some very successful online entrepreneurs that have been making money online for years. I started to follow them and paid really close attention to the way that they marketed. I finally started to learn how it was done. I eventually quit my 9-5 and now working full-time from home, making money online. I still can’t believe the moment I hit a 6 figure month… I mean seriously, can you imagine making over 100 thousand dollars in one month. That was an incredible feeling.  It opened my eyes to the reality of the endless potential and possibilities we have if we just step out of our comfort zone and learn a new thing or two. Making money online does work, you just have to know what you are doing and avoid the scams.

Having a mentor to guide you is an absolute must.

Before I continue there is video from one of my mentors that I want you to watch.
I believe that this video tells you like it is and if you will just adopt this BELIEF
and really live it. You too will start to see results!

If you want success, its important that you have this mentality so that
when challenges come upon you, you do not shun from it but EMBRACE it.

Now this does not mean we beat ourselves up and keep pounding away at things that don’t work. We need to be flexible in our approach. What I mean is our GOALS must be in Concrete, but our PLANS must remain in sand. We must always be flexible in our journey towards success.

For the most part of my life I’ve always held Jobs but never made enough money in any of them. I found myself always looking for extra income sources.

Over the last 15 years I’ve probably explored over 100 different second incomes. I’ve made from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand dollars in some of them.

On my blog I will share some of these income sources with you.

Everything that I share with you would be income streams that I’m currently receiving now or things I’ve done in the past that have produced results.

The site is still very new, I’m constantly updating, adding more content and information and I promise that you will find this site very useful when it comes to making extra money.

My goal is to provide you with value and with information that I wish I had known when I was looking for extra income.

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About my Blog Posts:

They are unedited, firstly I want to be genuine and unscripted with you in my writing. Secondly, it’s going to take too much time re reading everything and trying to make things perfect.

If you have any questions or comments please do so below. I’d love to hear from you and I’m always looking to improve. Thanks again for visiting my site.

Your Partner in Prosperity,