Take Responsibility and Conquer Your Future!

Take Responsibility and conquer your future!

The one thing that will excel or hinder you success in anything is the principle of responsibility.  I’ve learned at an early age through the books that I’ve read and my own experiences that when you take responsibility, you no longer feel like a victim and that in itself gives you incredible power.

In my dealings with people and and friends I’ve come across people that make excuses all the time.  If you fall into this category, you need to stop and think for a minute.  When you were born, no one put a stamp on your behind and said you will be a nobody for the rest of your life.  Now I don’t care if your parents brought you up a certain way and you feel its your parents fault that you are who you are.  Nope,  You are who you are because you CHOOSE to be that way.

As human beings we are born with an intelligence that surpasses all living species. Think about the last 100 years and you will see how far we’ve come in the invention of all things surrounding us.  None of these things could’ve come to pass if there were not people who understood this principle of taking responsibility.

take responsibility

How To Take Responsibility

So how do we take responsibility?  The simple answer is to make a conscious decision that YOU are responsible for everything that happens to YOU.  When you make the decision that from now on, no one is to be blamed for your success or failure in ANYTHING, that’s when you will feel the power of self control and confidence.  If you feel your parents didn’t bring you up well, then bring yourself up well.  If you feel you don’t have enough money then make more money.  If you feel your spouse is getting fat and you don’t like it then help him/her get fit.  If you feel you don’t have the right education then get the right education.  If you feel you are depressed, then get undepressed.  If you feel you don’t have enough skills then get the skills.  If you feel you don’t have time then make time.  Stop blaming others and things for your unhappiness.  All too often it’s these types of excuses that are limiting your full potential.

YOU and YOU alone are responsible for your well being.  To take responsibility means to wipe your mind clean of all excuses and to evoke the powers of your inner core that you can do and accomplish anything you want.  Between the Stimulus and your Response is your ability to choose what to do and how to feel.  For example, if someone negatively confronts you, do you automatically become defensive and offended?  It’s because of this person that you mad right?  The truth is…. all responses are not automatic.  Think deeply because the reality of it is, YOU choose your response.  Ok they called you names, you can CHOOSE to be angry or you can CHOOSE knowingly that you are the one responsible for your own feelings and not let this person dictate the way you feel.
As you take responsibility You are no longer a victim but a product of your own self responsibility.

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Take Responsibility and Change Your Life

When you take responsibility and know with a surety that nothing and no one is to be blamed for YOU, your limitless potential opens.  With this basic knowledge you will feel unstoppable and powerful because now there are no excuses to cling on to.  You have what you have and you are what you are because of YOU.  If you want something go and get it.  Put in the hours necessary to learn what you need to.  Acquire the skills you need.  You take responsibility for all your outcomes so if something is not the way you want, You fix it.  Do not ever expect someone else to change or your circumstances to change in order for you to do something or become the person you want.  Its with this limiting belief and excuses mentality that will hold you back from accomplishing what you truly want in life.

It takes courage to take responsibility.  You must have the courage to face any obstacle that stands in your way.  You must have the courage to not be bullied by your customers or your business partners or your spouse.  When you take responsibility you face the challenges head on and bring up your concerns maturely, knowing full well that this other person is not in charge of the way you feel but that YOU are.

As you take responsibility and move onto conquering your future, you will notice that the journey becomes more bearable, easier and you will feel happier.

Make a decision right now that from now on, YOU are responsible for everything in your life.  Nothing and no one can stand in your way because those external forces do not control you.  Once you have made this conscious decision to take responsibility for yourself, smile, be grateful for what you have.  You now know that what you don’t have and want can surely come to past because you are in control of your own future and no one else.

Take Responsibility

                                                      -Hal Elrod

Because I’ve learned early on to take responsibility I’ve been able to live life more optimistically.  I enjoy my kids and my wife.  In material terms, I am not wealthy but I am happy.  As far as I can remember, I’ve been able to land any job I’ve decided I wanted.  I’m being very truthful here, as a matter of fact most of the jobs required a college degree.  I never graduated from college and yet I still got the positions.  My latest desire is to work from home and make money online.  I am not a technical person nor do I know anything about online marketing.  I don’t consider myself a very good writer either but I knew that “if something is to be its up to me.”  You’ve probably heard that one before, I don’t know who its by but I’m not going to take credit for it.  You will not believe the amount of hours I put in to learning all this new stuff and setting up this blog.  I did not make excuses that its too hard or that it takes too long or that I’m not a technical person.  I wanted to do this and so I’m doing it.  I take responsibility for what I want.  I fought through the headaches and frustrations and now I’m free from my JOB and I’m working from home just as I wanted.  I have big goals and dreams that I’m currently working on right now and I know that I can do it.  Just as I know that you can also accomplish whatever it is that you want.

One major principle to remember is believing in yourself.  This is what will propel you to take action.  I wrote more about believing HERE and how it is the starting point of all accomplishments.  Believing first will also help you take responsibility.

I tell you my story because I want you to understand that I’m not writing about something I’m not doing.  I am proof that this principle of take responsibility works.

I hope you’ve found value in reading my article. If you like it, please like and share.

Your partner in prosperity,

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P.S. Take Responsibility and Conquer your future!


  • Yang

    Reply Reply 6 February, 2013

    I agree. You, and only you, can take you to where you want to go.

    • ammondx

      Reply Reply 6 February, 2013

      Thanks for reading my rant.

  • dang

    Reply Reply 8 May, 2014

    Excellent article Daneng. It just gave me an overboost to overcome that sad & bad situation!

    • ammondx

      Reply Reply 9 May, 2014

      In life there are always going to be things we can not control. The thing we can control is our
      own thoughts and feelings towards things that happen to us. Many people actually still don’t
      believe this but Yes we indeed can control how how we react towards anything that happens to us.
      Go here http://www.danengxiong.com/online-marketing-for-beginners/self-improvement/
      look for Steven R Covey, he talks a lot about that. Wishing you the best my friend.

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