Why I quit My JOB

Why I quit my JOB

As of August 4th 2012, I will no longer be working my JOB.  I feel liberated, excited and incredibly grateful.  I’ve come to the conclusion I am psychologically unemployable.
The moment I start a new job, I already want to quit.  The jobs I’ve had weren’t terrible but I just couldn’t stand the set hours, they pay or the bosses.  For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be in business for myself.  Be my own boss and control my own financial destiny.

I’ve tried many MLM and network marketing companies. I did have some success along the way but nothing financially life changing.  On top of that, I feel terrible that I brought so many people into these businesses and so very few made any money.  I did my own research and found out that 99% of the people that join network marketing companies don’t make any money.

I looked at my own statistics and it proves to be true.  In my most recent success, I had over 550 downlines and only 10 people if that made any money.
Out of the 10 people that made made any money, the highest paid person made somewhere around 50k all the rest made less than 10k.

What I did find out with the success that I’ve  had in network marketing was that I would have to work my tail off and keep working that way for the income to be sustained.
At the peak of my business I was making about 135k a year.  What I realized was that to maintain that income, I had to attend every meeting, conferences and training events. (There were a lot of them) Not only did I attend it, most of the time I was in a position in which I was expected to do much of the work such as doing the presentations, trainings, and all kinds of “management responsibilities that I actually didn’t care for” I thought that once you have hundreds of people in your organization you can just kick back and reap the rewards, Not True.

I signed up for these opportunities not to work my **** off all the freakin time but so that I can enjoy freedom and do the things that I really want to do.  What I found was work and more work the higher I went up.

Like most people I joined these opportunities in the beginning because I was sold the dream of being in business for myself, being able to travel the world and have no more bills to worry about.  The reality of it all is that there will be more bills because of the added business expenses.  You can’t really do all the things you want because the business becomes more and more demanding as your team grows.

Unless you have a personality that loves to be in the spot light and don’t mind time consuming hard work, meetings all the time, missing family functions and your kids birthdays then this industry might be for you.

You can read more about what happened in my last network marketing deal by clicking HERE.

Earlier this year I started looking into ways of making money online.  I figured with over 2 billion internet users I would have an unlimited supply of prospects and customers and I wouldn’t have to bother friends and family members.  There are some new skills that I knew I had to learn if I was going to go this route such as website creation, setting up auto responders and all kinds of online marketing stuff.

Luckily I found a way to make money online without having to learn any of that.  Needless to say, I actually picked up on some of those skills just by being online the last couple of months. I did fail multiple times in the beginning and almost got scammed to losing thousands of dollars, but recently I had a major break through.

This breakthrough is allowing me to make 3 times my income online doing 10% of my regular job hours.

You know what, I wish there was someone out there like me for me when I first started.

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