ZNZ One Review

 znz one review

Alright guys, so I’ve been making Money online for a several months now and decided to look closer at this company called ZNZ ONE that I actually signed up for last year.

I can’t believe it took me one whole year to really take this opportunity seriously.  I suppose my funny brother being the one to introduce me had something to do with my lack of taking it seriously but anyways,

I just wanna say thanks bro for introducing me.  This opportunity Rocks!


This is by far the easiest, true, ZERO out of pocket cost opportunity, I’ve come across in all the online businesses I’ve seen or been a part of.

ZNZ or ZipnadaZilch (its full name) is an online company partnering alongside fortune 500 companies to give more exposure to the companies products.

TO GET PAID, all you have to do is signup as a FREE member, try one of the offers that these companies have.  It could even be a free trial of their product.  Once you’ve signup with one of these offers, you are now QUALIFIED to refer others and get paid.

As your referrals signup for just one offer like you, again these could be free offers, you get PAID $20.

You continue to get paid over and over again every time someone that you’ve referred signs up for just one offer.

YES, You can get a lot of these !

znz one review


You don’t have to keep the offer nor does any of your referrals.  That means you can get paid from ZNZ ONE without you or your referrals ever having to spend any money whatsoever out of pocket.  Is that cool or what?

I suppose that’s why this company is called (ZipNadaZilch) ZNZ.  It doesn’t cost you anything to make money.

For example: You signed up for a free trial of XYZ credit monitoring service through ZNZ ONE.  The free trial could be 7 days up to 30 days in some companies.  If you like the service, by all means keep it.  I actually kept mine.  However if you don’t like it, simply cancel before your free trial ends and never have to pay a dime.

YET, because you’ve signed up to give the company product a try ZNZ ONE considers you a Qualified member and thus allows you to get paid on your referrals when they become Qualified.  Your referrals will also have the same opportunity to make money by doing the same thing.

Note:  Some offers may cost a dollar or 2 for the trial period, but HEY if I can spend 2 bucks and make $20 I do it all day long and I’m sure you would too.


Since you are only paid if your referrals signup for these offers, HOW do you get referrals?

FIRST:  If you are new to internet marketing, simply start by referring your friends and family members to this great opportunity that doesn’t cost any money to make money.  This was how I got started, my brother referred me.

You can have them come onto my Blog HERE and read this Review on ZNZ ONE.  I hope I made it clear enough here and if not, please leave comments so I can clarify some things for you.

SECOND:  You may not want to bother your friends and family and that’s fine.  I have a simple, easy to follow marketing system that I use to generate leads that I will give you absolutely FREE just for signing up with me.

Don’t worry, I’ve only started marketing online 5 months ago and if I can do, I know you can too.

I will show you how to WRITE your ads, and WHERE to place your ads.  All this Advertising will be at ZERO cost to you.

If you are interested in learning more about online marketing such as:

Building your own Website, Blog, Creating capture pages, SEO.  I also have some great FREE training videos and marketing materials for you.  You can read more about it by clicking on Online Marketing for Beginners.


You see, I’m not an online GURU or someone who makes millions online.  I have however been able to substitute my 9-5 income with what I make online, so I know enough that I can teach you to do the same.

HERE’s the difference with me, the NEW kid on the block and these online Marketing GURUs.

Because, I’m not making millions of dollars yet and have 10,000 people to respond to like these GURUS,

[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”]I ACTUALLY HAVE TIME TO HELP YOU[/content_box_light_blue]

I consider you a very valuable person on my team.

This means, answering my emails, answering my phone calls, Skpe, however you wish you to communicate with me if you need help.

This may be your only chance to have someone actually willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed.

I want you to know, I am committed to helping you succeed.  WHY?  Because I know pain that you feel, if you been scammed before, if you’ve been promised things and never got it or if you’ve joined something and never made any money.  I’ve been there!  You can read about my struggles HERE.


Its time to take action!

If you are serious about MAKING MONEY and want an opportunity with a TRUE ZERO OUT OF POCKET COST, Click on the Signup Button below and lets get started.


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Your partner in prosperity,


znz one review

Daneng Xiong






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